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Custom Cabinet Company in Leavenworth, KS

Superior Wood Products is a custom cabinet and finishing company that's nestled on a scenic ridge on the banks of Stranger Creek in rural Leavenworth County, Kansas. We offer exceptional quality woodwork and custom-applied finishes. Our custom cabinet company in Leavenworth, Kansas, incorporates superior quality hardwoods and superior grade sheet goods into your cabinets, producing a finished product with an attractive appearance and functional design.

All of our cabinets are constructed in our production facility, located just 20 minutes from Kansas City. We employ some of the same technology that is used in huge manufacturing plants that produce store-bought cabinetry. Only, we use this same 21st-century equipment to produce custom parts for your kitchen cupboard.

Each wood cabinet part is made to exacting standards, accurate to 0.25 mm and 0.008 in, built to fit the exact measurement of your project without using any fillers. Superior Wood Products is truly a custom wood shop, and we take pride in crafting the cabinets that you want. We work hard to make sure that your needs are not hindered by any limitations in equipment or personnel.

Using Top-Quality Equipment To Get the Best Results

Our custom cabinet company welcomes you to tour what most customers feel is a very impressive equipment line. Superior Wood Products is as proud of our design-construction and installation team as we are of the equipment that is used to produce our products. When you have a true passion for working with your hands and wood, cabinetry can be a beautiful thing. We look forward to working with you on your cabinet installation. Contact us for additional custom home builder information.